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Airlife air purification and disinfection systems provide a comfortable, safe and healthy atmosphere inside any building or room. Our equipment effectively removes all types of contaminants from the air, in particular aerosol, chemical, and microbiological ones. Depending on the need, Airlife systems can purify supply, exhaust, or recirculated air, as well as create local clean zones with sterile unidirectional airflow.



One device cleans the air from all types of contaminants - mechanical, aerosol, chemical and microbiological.


Environmental friendliness

Reducing the burden on the city's ecology. Thanks to Airlife air purification systems, toxic substances do not enter the atmosphere.



Save on electricity and heating - it's easy! To do this, it is enough to direct warm purified air into the ventilation system of the building in recirculation mode.


Organization of ejection on the facade

Aerolife systems purify the air from all types of pollutants, not only to MPC values, but also below the human nose detection threshold, which allows organizing the release of process air onto the facade of the building.


Reduced operating costs

All contaminants remain on the filters and do not settle in the air ducts. Maintenance of Aerolife systems is simpler and cheaper than traditional air duct cleaning.



Complete safety of using systems in the presence of a person for an unlimited time.

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