Purify exhaust air from the kitchen of a restaurant, cafe or bar. Disinfect air in the dining area.


Smoke and odor removal

Cleaning exhaust air is an effective way to avoid conflicts with neighbors, fines, and even a restaurant closure by regulatory authorities. Airlife cleans the air from smoke, carbon particles and any odors not only to threshold limit values (TLV), but also to the level of detection by the human nose.


Discharging exhaust to the building facade

Airlife systems facilitate the discharge of kitchen air out of a restaurant to the building's facade, even on the ground level. Discharging emissions to a building's facade is prohibited mainly because the unpleasant odors and smoke disturb people who reside in the building where the restaurant is located. Accordingly, the only way to bypass the prohibition is to completely purify the air discharged from the kitchen.


Reduced energy costs

Airlife completely cleans soot and grease from the air. This allows installation of a heat exchanger in the exhaust ventilation system of a cooking area or mangal, thereby significantly reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning.


Odor removal in the dining area

The smell of cooked food will not spread beyond the kitchen, keeping the air in the dining area clean, and guests will not complain about their clothes smelling of food.


Fire prevention

The Airlife Hydrofilter is used in kitchens that operate open fires, mangals, tandoors, smokehouses, etc. The equipment extinguishes sparks and lowers the temperature of the exhaust air, protecting the restaurant from fire.


Reduced operating costs

Save money on duct cleaning. Soot, grease and carbon particles are completely captured by Airlife filters, and system maintenance is easier and less expensive than cleaning air ducts.

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