Intensive care units


Airlife LAM 1400


Airlife LAM 1400


Aerolife S330Lx140

Create local clean zones

The Airlife LAM laminar airflow ceiling provides sterile unidirectional airflow. The equipment is built into the supply ventilation duct above the working area, protecting it from mechanical, aerosol and microbiological pollutants that may be in the air. The rate for inactivation of microorganisms on filter elements is 99.99%.

Airlife LAM 1400

Airlife LAM 1400

Performance up to: 2330 м3/hour

The laminar airflow ceiling is built into the supply ventilation duct, ensuring that the airflow supplied above the work area is sterile and laminar. The area of the laminar field is 2.16 m²


Purify and disinfect recirculated air

The Airlife S330Lx140 cleans and disinfects recirculated indoor air. There is no selectivity in the destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungal spores. The microorganism inactivation rate is 99.99%. The airflow volume is up to 300 m³/h.

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