Aerolife "Septisorb"
Aerolife "Septisorb"
Aerolife "Septisorb"
Aerolife "Septisorb"

Aerolife "Septisorb"

Purification of air emissions from sewerage systems of private houses


27 000 rub.

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Aerolife "Septisorb" – a simple and effective solution to the problem of unpleasant odors from the sewerage systems of private houses (septic tanks). The unique adsorber filter absorbs all "aromas", leaving the air clean and fresh.

The principle of operation is extremely simple: install and forget. The filter is mounted directly on the fan pipe. The air, passing through the filter-adsorber, is completely cleaned of all unpleasant odors and goes outside.

Aerolife «Septisorb» is placed underground, at a depth of 50 cm. It is mounted directly on the septic tank's fan pipe, only the cover is on the surface. A 70 cm long pipe and a fungus are installed on top of the device to prevent rain and snow from entering.

To guarantee the purity of the air, it is worth changing the filter once a year.

  • General Features

  • Dimensions (Length x Diameter):530x320 mm
  • Weight:7.5 kg
  • Replacement life:1 year
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