Airlife LAM 1401
Airlife LAM 1401
Airlife LAM 1401
Airlife LAM 1401
Airlife LAM 1401
Airlife LAM 1401

Airlife LAM 1401

The laminar airflow ceiling is built into the supply ventilation duct, ensuring that the airflow supplied above the work area is sterile and laminar. The area of the laminar field is 2.16 m²

A laminar airflow ceiling is a device for supplying a sterile unidirectional airflow that protects a work area from pathogenic microorganisms that can infect patients, and from mechanical particles and harmful substances that can harm human health.

The Airlife LAM 1401 laminar airflow unit provides:

  • air filtration grade H14,
  • air disinfection rate: 99.9%,
  • inactivation of at least 99% of microorganisms on filters,
  • at least 98% efficiency at removing all unpleasant odors and toxic chemicals from the supply air.

The area of the laminar field of an Airlife LAM 1401 is 2.16 m2. Most often, these unidirectional airflow diffusers are installed in Group-2 medical rooms (according to GOST 52539–2006), i. e. intensive care units and wards with unidirectional airflow for patients:

  • after bone marrow transplants;
  • with extensive burns;
  • receiving high doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • after extensive surgical interventions;
  • with partially or fully diminished immunity

Existing and remodeled medical institutions cannot always supply sufficient fresh air to the premises. In this case, a laminar airflow ceiling with a partial air recirculation system can be used (some air is taken from the supply ventilation system, and some is taken from the serviced room). Using a laminar airflow ceiling together with an air recirculation module can significantly reduce capital costs in the construction or remodeling of healthcare facilities, and also reduce energy costs for heating and cooling the supply air.


  • General characteristics

  • Airflow volume (at a flow speed of 0.3 m/s):2332 m³/hour
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH):1800x1200x346 mm
  • Number of air purification stages:6
  • Power consumption:500W
  • Environmental noise:0 dB
  • Weight:145kg
  • Voltage:220V
  • Airflow speed at the unit outlet:0.3 m/s
  • Air flow resistance:150-250Pa
  • Area of the laminar field:2.16 m²
  • Additional characteristics

  • Microorganism inactivation on the filter:99.99%
  • Diameter of air duct connection flange:according to design
  • Case material:stainless steel
  • Cleaning efficiency

  • Dust and aerosols / final filtration grade H14: :99.996%
  • Organic gaseous pollutants, including unpleasant odors and toxic chemical pollutants:98%
  • Carbon monoxide:70%
  • Bacterial contaminants (viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus):99.9%
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