Aerolife-hydro KFZ
Aerolife-hydro KFZ

Aerolife-hydro KFZ

Purification and disinfection of supply air for tanks with clean drinking water. Removal of all types of microbiological, chemical and mechanical contaminants.

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Aerolife-hydro KF3 − the best solution for cleaning the supply air in a tank with clean drinking water. The system allows you to remove all types of microbiological, chemical and mechanical contaminants.

The high efficiency of Aerolife-Hydro KF3 is ensured, among other things, by three photocatalytic filters. Getting into them, all molecular and microbiological air pollutants (viruses, bacteria, toxic gases) decompose to harmless components: carbon dioxide, atmospheric nitrogen and water. This technology allows you to clean the supply air from bacteria, mold spores and fungi that are resistant to other types of disinfection (ozone, UV-C radiation).

Airlife-hydro air purifiers are equipped with recirculation air exchange circuits to prevent the formation of stagnant zones inside the tank, equipped with automated monitoring and control systems for operating modes with the ability to be integrated into a complex system for monitoring the operation of tank equipment by the operator.

Cleaning of supply air in tanks with clean drinking water is regulated by SP 31.13330.2012 “Water supply. External networks and facilities» and VSN VK4-90 "Instructions for the preparation and operation of drinking water supply systems in emergency situations." All Aerolife-hydro KF3 systems are certified and have all permits for use in the following conditions:

  • ambient temperature -35 °C to +55 °C
  • relative air humidity up to 90% at 20 °C

Airlife-hydro KF3 air purification systems are easy to install and do not require special construction work during installation. For outdoor installation in the southern regions, a protective metal casing is made for the filter. For regions with a cold climate, the air purifier is equipped with a system for compensating for temperature differences between the internal and external environment.

Air purifiers-disinfectors for drinking tanks Aerolife-hydro KF3 are stably operated on steel, reinforced concrete and plastic water storage tanks of drinking water.


The main advantages of Aerolife-hydro KF3:

  • high efficiency of air purification and disinfection;
  • destruction of any microorganisms, including biological contaminants, that cannot be inactivated by other methods;
  • basic filtering elements retain their functionality and do not require replacement for 5 years;
  • low maintenance;
  • the equipment is operated on steel, reinforced concrete and plastic water storage tanks of drinking water;
  • easy installation.
  • General characteristics

  • from molecular pollutants (С6-С10 not more than 10 mg/m3):92%
  • Cleanup efficiency

  • dust up to 4 microns:95 %
  • from dust larger than 4 microns:98 %
  • from bacteria and viruses:99.99%
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